“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” 
― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland

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A little about OfficiallyPhoebs

What is OfficiallyPhoebs?

OfficiallyPhoebs is the hub where I will share stories and ideas that I hope will inspire you to be actively living, laughing, and loving everyday.  

What kind of content will be on OfficiallyPhoebs?

I will be posting content though a mixture of blog posts, photographs, and YouTube videos ranging from book chats, tutorials, music, and day-to-day life experiences.

What can I, the reader, get out of OfficiallyPhoebs?

My goal for OfficiallyPhoebs is that it can not only be a place you can come to be inspired, informed, or entertained, but can also be a place of positive and uplifting community. I want to encourage you to not only interact with me, but also interact with other readers and build bonds and friendships with one another, because relationships and community with others is a beautiful thing! 

A Little About me 

As you may already know, my name is Phoebe. I graduated from university in 2014, with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. College was a wonderful time for me and it was a time were I fell in love with video production and reading.

I've loved storytelling my whole life, however. As I was a child my favorite forms of this was music and video. Growing up there was always music playing in the house or in the car (90% of the time it was 80's music on the local oldies station) . And before I could even remember, my dad would take me to the movies with him.

When DVDs became a thing, my eyes were opened to the world of video production. I could honestly say, when I would get a new DVD, I was more excited to watch the bonus features than the actual film!

I began messing around with video editing as a hobby when I was in high school with video I would take on family trips or just random stuff with my friends, as well as occasionally making a video or two for my church every now and again. I made my first YouTube channel around that time too, although I didn't take the whole thing too seriously, I still mostly had fun watching other people's videos.

Closer to the end of my college career, I found myself wondering what I wanted to do once I graduated. Video production kept creeping into my mind. I know I didn't study video production, but I did do it as a hobby  for a few years, and I felt as though God gave me a knack for editing. So right out of college I began working for a local video production company as there operation's assistant and within about 6 months I became part of their video team as an editor.

Now I have the privilege to work with some of my best friends at a video marketing company that my very talented friend created!

Everyday I try to be actively living, laughing, and loving by surrounding myself with people who I love and inspire me, doing the things that I'm passionate about, learning more and more about my craft, and not take life too seriously. And I hope the same for you too,  which also happens to be the inspiration behind  OfficiallyPhoebs.

Want to say hi?

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