Welcome to the New OfficiallyPhoebs Blog

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Welcome To The New OfficiallyPhoebs Blog

Hello Friend,
    First off, I’d like to welcome you to the new home of OfficiallyPhoebs. I’m so excited that you’ve visited! I’m over the moon to finally share the blog again with you. It has been a long time coming for sure. 
    Over the past year or so I had lost motivation and inspiration for my blog, for a few reasons. The first reason was I was not completely satisfied with the platform I was using at the time. Due to my minimal skill set when it comes to website customization, the platform I was using was very limiting to me and I felt as if I couldn’t evolve the look and feel of my current site as I evolved as a person. And to me, making my website a reflection of my personality is something that I really wanted. Since I wasn’t satisfied with the look and feel of my own site, it made me want to create content for it less and less and less. The second reason I had paused my content creation even further was the fact I had no clue what to share with you all. I had no focus, which left me with severe writer’s block. So as you can imagine that was no fun at all either. However, with some research and contemplation I managed to find myself a platform that I believe will work best for my current creative needs as well as set some boundaries for my blog that will help create focus for my future content. 
    What content will I be creating, you ask? I will be focusing my content on a topic that I have loved my whole life, storytelling. By that I mean I will be sharing with you posts surrounding books, music, day-to-day life experiences, spotlight pieces on people I find inspiring, photographs I’ve taken, and videos I’ve created. My hope is that you can find something within the content that I share that can inspire you to actively live, laugh, and love everyday. And beginning in January, I will have a weekly post for you every Wednesday. I so hope you plan on sticking around for all the fun up ahead!
    Also please have a peek around the new OfficiallyPhoebs site and let me know what you think in the comments. Is there anything I can change to make the experience better for you? I want this to be a place that is just as pleasant for you to explore as it is for me to create.

Until next time! 
♥︎ Phoebe