My Life: After College

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Hello Friends!

I realized the other day that it has been 2 years since I'd graduated college with my Bachelor’s degree in Organizational/Interpersonal Communications. How time flies! But I'm so happy to say that even though I'm out of the halls of the educational system, I have yet to stop learning. To be honest, if I didn’t learn anything after my formal schooling, I think I’d hate post college life. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t the biggest fan of exams or taking required classes that I had no interest in, but I’ve always loved learning. And in my two years post graduation, I’ve learned so much about who I am & what I’m capable of.

Even though I studied communications, I took the risk & got a job in the video production industry. That was a big risk considering that I all that I knew about video production was what I taught myself when I made the occasional YouTube video or promo video for my church and what I saw in the behind the scenes clips of a film’s DVD bonus features. I didn’t know the industry jargon. I didn’t know how the expanse of equipment worked. I didn’t what it was like to create a video for a paying customer & the pressure that creates. It was ALL new to me.

I didn’t start editing videos right away, which is what my specialty is at the moment. I started out as an office assistant. Glamorous, I know! I was the one in the office that would correct travel information, transcribe footage, organized documents, and ran out to get client meeting lunches. Now let me be blunt in saying, I hated it. I had a college degree for crying out loud! I didn’t want to get people’s lunch. So I spoke up. I made my interests known that I wanted to be more involved in the creative processes. One time. Two times. Three times. Four times. Finally after the management let me edit a test video, under the supervision of one of their primary editors, they let me move into the production department. After that, I made it a point to soak up as much information about the craft that I had always been drawn to. Asking questions left & right with no shame if I didn’t know how to do something. Within only a few months, my skills improved exponentially. I discovered my analytical thought processes in tandem with my creative ones, is an ideal combination as an editor.

Flash forward about a year & a half, & I left my job with no other position lined up as a safety net. Due to circumstances that we very unfavorable that I won’t go into today, I learned that I was capable of standing up for myself & what I knew was right. Something that I wasn’t sure I was actually capable of, since I’m naturally someone who avoids confrontation whenever possible. However when push comes to shove, I realized that I can become a force to be reckoned with. And with my little savings that I had put away, I walked away & took a two month vacation (or at least that’s how I chose to see it).

Now in the present day, I am working with an amazing group of friends that support each other & are always strive for greatness. Being so close to people who continually push themselves outside of their comfort zones has been the best learning experience I’ve had to date. I learn from their example daily. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far is, “Say yes, then figure the rest out as you go.” Keeping yourself open to opportunities & experiences is the best way you can grow after your schooling days, & I’ve took that to heart. I can now say, that not only can I edit videos, I can create simple motion graphics, & I can also design print layouts. I don’t want to stop there though! I want to refine all of those skills & add even more skills to my repertoire.

I know I emphasized my career path as an example of how much I’ve learned outside of my school days, but there are so many other aspects of my life have grown since my graduation day & one day I’ll share more of those stories with you. Nonetheless, I hope that you take my experience as an example of how fulfilling your new chapter can be if you say “Yes”, then figure the rest out as you go.

Here’s my last little insight, we are ALL just figuring life out as we go, but the experience is much more exhilarating when you don’t dig your heals in the ground & just go with it.

♥︎ Phoebe