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ANNOUNCEMENT: Coming This May | OfficiallyPhoebs

Hello Friends!

    Longtime no see!! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I really don’t have an excuse for my absence, but I do have some exciting news!! I have a month filled with ALL NEW content for you this May!!!

    This month I’ll be uploading 3 new videos on my YouTube channel every week. I will also be vlogging every day in May, so I will be putting out a vlog at the end of each week. Don’t worry, I won’t be leaving my blog posts out this month. I’ll be posting here 2 times a week!

    So here’s a quick rundown of what OfficiallyPhoebs will look like in May: New content EVERY Tuesday-Saturday!

    Tuesday: YouTube Video

    Wednesday: Blog Post

    Thursday: YouTube Video

    Friday: Blog Post {FRIDAY READS}

    Saturday: YouTube Video {VLOG}

    I hope you are just as excited as I am about May & I’ll see you on Tuesday for a new video!

♥︎ Phoebe