How I Unwind | Winter Evening Routine

How I Unwind_Winter Evening Routine

Hello Friends!

Today is going to be a quick post, since I have been busy with work - like many people. But trust me I'm not complaining, I love my job! I think busy seasons can be great if you go into them with the right mindset. They can be times of significant personal growth that lends itself to making your slower seasons much more manageable. At least in my experience. That being said, when times get a bit hectic I need to find ways to unwind, so I've been trying out a few new methods recently that have been working out pretty well for me so far. 

One of the ways I like to unwind in the evenings is changing right into my pjs when I get home from work. Making that physical distinction that I'm now "off" by putting on warm pjs helps my mind shift much more quickly into relaxation mode. Versus my typical routine of only changing into my pjs right before I hop into bed. It's equally refreshing & comforting to change into fresh clothes as soon as I get home after a long day's work.

The next way that I unwind is watching Netflix. I know, I know! I'm not the only person to do this, but I do it a specific way that helps me unwind in the evenings. First off, I don't watch Netflix, or any sort of TV for that matter, in the evenings in my bedroom. If I want to watch something I'll either watch it in the living room or our upstairs loft. I also don't watch any "new" shows or movies. I re-watch programs that I know I enjoy - they are typically comedies. The reason why I don't watch something new, is because if I get tired or my mind lazily wanders that's okay. I'm not forcing myself to push through two more hours of a new show or movie because cliffhangers that I HAVE TO know resolutions of. If I feel tired, I'll just shut off the TV mid-episode or movie, since I won't be left wondering, "What's going to happen?".

Finally my favorite new way to unwind in the evenings is the rule I now follow - NO CELLPHONES allowed in my bedroom. I waste countless hours of my life scrolling with my thumbs. Checking this & that. Answering emails, comments, & other things. It's ridiculous! For me, I have never been "obsessed" with my phone. I don't mind not having it with me for a day or two. My issue is that I've created a bad habit surrounding it. I check it out of boredom, mostly. But my sense of time gets away from me when I do. So now I keep my phone downstairs or on my desk, I've been using my FitBit as my morning alarm, & have been reading every night if I'm not too tired. I'm going to spare you all the "sciencey stuff", but the lack of blue light (the kind of light emitted from phones & TVs) shining in my room in the evenings & nights, it's helped my body adjust much more easily from my "awake" time to "rest/asleep" time. 

I know this post didn't dive in too deep, but I hope you liked it! If you'd like me to expand on any of this, let me know in the comments & I'll do my best to answer your request. I'd love to know what you do to unwind too, so put that in the comment section as well! 

♥︎ Phoebe