A Thought on Fame

Hello Friends!

Today I just want to share a quick thought that came to my mind last week. A little backstory - I was at an expo with my work that catered to those in the interior design & construction industry. These are industries that I know very little about, aside from what I've seen on HGTV. 

I was privileged enough that during my work at the expo I was able to listen in on some very interesting panels that discussed various topic within their realm of expertise. A lot of these panels were conducted by individuals highly regarded & even famous in their field, yet I have never heard of them. Which made me wonder what being "famous" really is. 

A thought dawned on me then - someone's fame is only validated in the context of those who surround them. So even though I was in the presence of people in high esteemed within their respective fields & known by many in those fields, the awe & excitement of being near them & hearing them speak was lost on me.

Have you ever experienced this kind of thing before? How did you feel about the experience?

Let me know in the comments!

♥︎ Phoebe