My Take on New Year's Resolutions

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Happy New Year, friends!

In the spirit of fresh starts & goal setting, I decided to take the time to unpack my thoughts of the oh so popular "new year's resolutions". At this point in my life, I've experience enough new years to have a firm grasp of what I interpret the idea of resolutions to mean to me. Are you ready to hear what I think? Awesome! Let's get into it.

In Theory

Right of the bat I'll tell you that I love the idea of the NYR in theory. The ritual of looking back at what I've accomplished (or didn't accomplish) in the last full orbit of the earth is motivating to me. The ritual of dreaming of all the things you can do to make the next orbit even better is inspiring to me. The whole kit and caboodle screams optimism to me, which, if you don't know me, is practically my default setting. I just love how this tradition gives people the green light to dream big & acknowledge their potential.

In Reality

Now this is all well & good - the reminiscing & the dreaming. However the obstacles of daily life show themselves all too quickly to remind you of their optimism sucking existence. And this, of course, happens within the first week of January. I know deep down I want to wake up at 5am, kill my daily workouts, & get out of the office the same time every day. But who am I kidding? How can I expect any result other than feeling exhausted, sore, & frustrated when I start cold turkey? The reality is at about the day 3 mark, I've missed my 5am alarm, can barely walk up my stairs, & am leaving work 2 hours later than usual due to project deadlines. Is it any surprise that I quick my sky high dreams by day 14? Nah, me neither. 

In Revision

Thankfully I am graced with the seemingly basic ability to learn from my experiences in life. Through the course of my 25 earth orbits, I've created new year's resolutions & I haven't bothered. And I'll let you know, that I've changed throughout those years either way. Just obviously some change was more intentional than others. But I have learned that I can make intentional change. Meet my lofty goals & dreams. But the key environment that allowed their successes was time. I'm talking natural time here - not microwave zap time. Seasons of time that allow change to run its course. Little by little, day by day, so that you can take each step & grab each handhold. Time that allows you to get stronger, wiser, & more intelligent. Due to time's nature, it's not something you need to control, it take's care of ticking by all on its own. What you do need to control is your thoughts & actions. Choosing not to waiver in your decisions & putting in the work. Wiping the sweat off your brow & pushing forward even after you stumble. Trusting the process. This shift of exception caused me to revise what I initially thought NYR should be.

In Practice

So here I am in 2017 with my resolutions - some old dreams, some new dreams, my revised method of action. I still sat down with my pen & paper & wrote down my NYR. I still dreamed big for myself - maybe even bigger than last year actually. The difference now is my mind set. Will I try to implement all of my goal action plans at once? No. Will I stumble on those annoying optimism sucking obstacles? Of course. Will I give up? No. Will I reassess & tweak as I go? Definitely! Learning & adjusting as things run it's course. That is my new NYR plan of action. If you are a visual person like I am, you may appreciate this comparison - being in the midst of achieving your goals, new year's or otherwise, is like having braces. The orthodontist doesn't just yank your teeth into place all at once, the tighten your braces little by little over a span of a year or more. It's totally uncomfortable in the moments after each little adjustment. But after all is send & done, your pearly whites look awesome & all in line with your vision!

So here's to a new year of accomplishments (even if they don't quite take a year)!

What do you all think? Let me know your experiences with new year's resolution, I'd love to know!

♥︎ Phoebe