Am I A Lifelong Learner?

Am I A Lifelong Learner | OfficiallyPhoebs

Hello Friends!

I’d like to answer the question of, “Am I a lifelong learner?” with a resounding “Yes!”, but I'd be lying if I said I always choose to learn & get better at both new & older skills. Why is that? Well, I think it’s because I get lazy, it’s as simple as that. But that’s something I’m working on changing.

Starting at the beginning of 2018, I found myself sucked into a routine that was mundane & soul-sucking. I fell into a pattern that left me under-stimulated & feeling hollow, which goes against how I feel about how I truly am. When I think of myself & visualize me living my best life what I see is someone who is bubbly, social, adventurous, & curious. But the reality of my life lately has been drastically the opposite of that. It came to a point a few months back where I began to ask myself the questions, “Why am I so unhappy?” & “What am I doing in my life when I am the most happy & joyful?” And the answer hit me like a ton of bricks - I’m happiest when I’m learning something new & connecting with others. So why wasn’t I doing that now?

In 2017 I had taken acting classes which were so amazing & life changing, but also very time consuming & exhausting. So naturally, at the end of my stretch of studies I wanted to take a break, which I think is a very smart & healthy thing to do. However, that “break” never really ended, it just morphed into day-in & day-out of coasting through life. It was awful & it snuck up on me.

Because of this, I ended up having a few emotional breakdowns, which I don’t remember having before. I knew I needed to change, but nothing had presented itself to me as a potential outlet. But finally a few weeks after my first breakdown, the thought of training to become a life coach drew me in again (something that I’d though of doing in 2017), so I took the plunge & signed up for the 6 month course. All that is fine & dandy, BUT it was still months away, leaving me hollow again after about a week.

A few months after that, in mid-September, I decided to re-learn Spanish (which I took for 2 years in middle school) & take up learning Korean, which I mentioned in my previous blog post. So far it’s been a little over a week of me diving into my language studies & I’m loving it! The challenge of learning something new, especially something that gives me another avenue to connect with people, has been lighting me up. I’ve been coming home every evening itching to study. I’ve also taken up making my lunch breaks into study sessions too. This is a stark contrast to how my days have been set up previously, which would mostly consisted of watching TV during my free-time (ugh).

All that being said, yes, I believe that I am a lifelong learner. However like most wonderful & fulfilling things in this life, being one is a conscious daily choice. Of course you can structure your daily routine in a way that fosters learning versus having one that’s willy-nilly. Regardless, it’s still a choice, but one that for me is well worth it.

♥︎ Phoebe