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Author: Ashley Poston | Page Count: 320 | Genre: YA • Contemporary • Retelling | Overall Rating: 4/5

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Brief Summary

This story follows a high school junior, Danielle “Elle” Wittimer, living in Charleston, South Carolina and a teen soap opera turned movie star, Darien Freeman, as he’s shooting the reboot film for the 1980’s sci-fi television series, who’s fandom Elle lives for, Starfield.

We find out right off the bat that Elle not only lost her mother at a young age, but also lost her father a few years before we’re introduced to her. She is now stuck living with her perfection obsessed step-mother and twin step sisters, in the home she grew up in. She is stuck doing all of the household chores (as you would expect from a Cinderella retelling), takes care of an adorable dachshund who was abandoned in the backyard of her workaholic neighbor, and works on the vegan food truck called “The Magic Pumpkin”.

In what seems like a whole other galaxy, Damien is fighting his own demons. As glamorous as being a teen heartthrob may seem, he has to endure crazy fans, a strict diet & exercise plan, the tight leash of his manager (who also happens to be his father), a potential stalker, & to top it all off - the criticism of the die-hard fans of Starfield who don’t believe he is worthy of the main role of Prince Carmindor.

My Feelings While Listening

I listened to the audiobook of Geekerella which I borrowed from my local library & I greatly enjoyed it! This story is told in the perspectives of Elle & Damien, performed by Eileen Stevens & Tristan Morris, respectively. Both of the narrators did very well, in my opinion. Although on a technical note, there were some parts of the audiobook that seemed like retakes of lines that were overlooked in the editing process. There weren’t many, maybe two or three, and were so brief that it took me a second for the repeat to register. Overall though, that aspect didn’t detract me from the actual story.

I finished listening to Geekerella within 2 days and I found myself wanting to get back into the story the next available moment I had the chance. I found the characters endearing & easily liked both of the main characters. I did however like hearing from Damien’s perspective a little more than Elle’s. This is probably because I’ve heard the “Cinderella” side of this storyline many times, it was nice to experience what the “Prince” is going through before, during, & after his encounter with Elle. And what I liked the most is that Damien wasn’t having the easiest time on his end either & he had his fair share of internal conflict, where by contrast Elle was experiencing more external conflicts.

Another thing that I really liked about this story is how relatable both of the characters were. They both had their flaws of course, but they also had a passion for something that helped them through hard times & the desire to keep the integrity of that personal gem in tact. Not only that, they both desired deep human connection, which of course they began to discover within each other throughout the story. And of course, they did the best that they could to make their lives better considering that they’re technically still teenagers.

Geekerella Book Review | OfficiallyPhoebs

My Final Thoughts

Like I said a few paragraphs ago, I really enjoyed Geekerella. This was the 1st book that I picked up after a nearly 3 month reading slump & it couldn’t have been more perfect for me to ease me back into reading. I’ve found myself thinking of it even a few days after finishing it with a smile on my face. It was light-hearted, endearing, and of course, geeky! I almost want to listen to it all over again. Who knows? Maybe I will. I’d definitely recommend this to anybody who enjoys bright modern day retellings of the classic fairytales we loved growing up.

And for those who have read Geekerella by Ashley Poston & are longing for more, it looks like there will be a companion novel titled The Princess and the Fangirl that is scheduled to be released sometime in 2019.

“LOOK TO THE STARS. AIM. IGNITE!” -Prince Carmindor, Starfield

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