A collection of resources to help support creatives in their learning, growth, & lifestyle.

Just for you, my friends!

This is a running list of resources that I’ve found or created that cab help support living & working a creative life. I hope you find these just as helpful as me! If you know of any other awesome resources that you think should be on this list, please don’t hesitate to share them with me. You can do this by visiting my contact page.


Video Creation

  • Motion Array - This is a site with a great library of footage, video graphics, templates, & music that you can use to spice up your videos. I use it ALL THE TIME to find super cool After Effects templates & music. What’s nice is that they offer a free plan that has no time limit, in addition to a paid option that allows to access their whole library with unlimited downloads.

  • Film Impact Transitions - Using these transitions for your videos take your videos to the next level. They are a little pricey, however it’s only a one-time payment which is so great nowadays, & honestly are worth the investment if you edit with Premiere Pro.

  • (YouTube Channel) - These guys are great at creative tutorials of really fun video effects. Although a lot of their content is geared towards film-makers their content is a great source inspiration, tips, & tricks that you can adapt & apply to all kinds of videos.


  • Adobe Creative Cloud - I literally use at least one of their amazing programs everyday. I’m not even joking! They work great & the best part is the fact that they work so well together to help you create dynamic & imaginative projects.

  • Creative Market - This is a marketplace for digital creative goodies from fonts, templates, stock photos, presets, & more at reasonable prices. A great service they offer is weekly freebies of AMAZING products you can use in your projects.

  • VSCO - This is an app I use pretty much any time I want to edit the look of my photos or videos on my phone. So I basically use it every day & highly recommend!

  • Over App - This is another app I use all the time to create my Instagram stories. It’s very much like a basic version Photoshop & allows you to make graphics with text, photos, & videos.


  • She Reads Truth - This is a fabulous resource for devotions covering a variety of topics & books of the Bible via their site, app, & physical material. I not only love the how relatable & accessible it is to get familiar with the Word of God, but it also doesn’t hurt that their aesthetic is so stunning & inviting. They also have companion content geared towards men & children too!